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CRWDPOWER.COM is a startup based in Sydney, Australia focusing on community-oriented iPhone and Android mobile applications.

ParkPatrol is CRWDPOWER.COM's first of a series of mobile applications empowering user communities. Get ParkPatrol the Parking Patrol Alerts app on the Apple App Store.

ParkPatrol crowdsources parking inspector reports and allows users to receive live alerts of parking inspectors present near their parked cars, as reported by other users. ParkPatrol creates a community of 'reporters' and helps users to stay one step ahead of parking fines. ParkPatrol also allows users to view live parking inspectors reports, the position of their car and their parking time, on a google map embedded in the app. ParkPatrol is FREE, available worldwide in 4 languages, and leverages the full power of iPhone OS 3.0 (Push notification, GPS, google maps).


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ParkPatrol - Parking Cop Early Warning AppParkPatrol - Parking Cop Early Warning App

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